Wheel Alignment Problems and How to Fix Them

Wheel alignment problems can make it difficult to control your automobile and reduce the total mileage you get out of a set of tires. A full set of the same tire does not weigh the same. Each tire weighs slightly more or less than the others do. This is why your vehicle’s wheels need to be balanced and aligned. Let’s talk about wheel alignment problems and how Getz Automotive can fix them.

Signs the Wheels Are Not Aligned

You can usually tell when your wheels are not aligned. The signs might be subtle at first, getting more noticeable the longer you drive on the misaligned wheels, but you won’t be able to ignore them eventually. Signs your wheels are out of alignment and need to be re-aligned include

  • Uneven or patchy tire tread wear
  • A vehicle that pulls to the right or left
  • Steering wheel vibration at higher speeds
  • A steering wheel logo that is off-center
  • Tires that squeal for no discernable reason

Your automobile’s suspension is designed to go straight unless you turn the steering wheel. The steering wheel logo tells you when the alignment is off. If the logo is tilted to one side or the other when you’re driving straight, your wheels are not aligned. Pulling is another huge sign.

How Wheels Get Misaligned

Wheels can get knocked out of alignment and they misalign over time. Nobody drives on smooth roads all the time. Your wheels get knocked around on the highways and surface streets. This slowly pushes them out of alignment. Wheels can also get knocked out of alignment if you

  • Go over bumps too fast
  • Hit or run over a curb
  • Hit or run over a parking space marker
  • Fly over speed bumps
  • Go too fast through potholes

It’s important to consider how your driving can affect your wheel alignment. If your driving approach is to take no prisoners and you drive over bumps and potholes too fast, fly around curbs, and use the parking space markers to know that you’ve gone far enough, your wheels stand no chance.

How to Fix Misaligned Wheels

Fixing wheels that have been knocked out of alignment is as simple as realigning and balancing them, and we can do that for you. To help your wheels stay aligned, drive carefully, have the wheels rotated and balanced every 6,000 miles, and the wheels aligned every two-to-three years.

Located in Fuquay-Varina, North Caroline, Getz Automotive is your one-stop-service-shop. We’ll get your wheels back in alignment.

Photo by Industrial Photograph via Canva Pro