Get Free Brake Pads in October

We here at Getz Automotive love our community. We want to do what we can for our community above and beyond offering drivers in Fuquay-Varina the best automotive service and repair. Helping nonprofit organizations raise money for fantastic and important causes such as breast cancer vaccine research is just one way that we give back to those who support us. This month, we have partnered with Brakes for Breasts® to raise money for the research and development of a breast cancer vaccine.

Brakes for Breasts®

Brakes for Breasts® is a nonprofit organization that is helping to fund the Cleveland Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. When you take into account how many women die annually from breast cancer (the number is in the tens of thousands), you realize how important this vaccine is. The only cancer that kills more women than breast cancer in the U.S. is lung cancer; breast cancer is the second most fatal cancer.

Every October, Brakes for Breasts® partners with auto service shops all over the country to offer drivers a very special offer: free brake pads. You read that correctly. If your vehicle needs new brake pads on the front wheels, back wheels, or both, Brakes for Breasts® will pay for them. The only money that comes out of your pocket is our labor fee. That’s it.

We Donate Part of the Fee

We will take 10 percent of that labor fee and give it back to Brakes for Breasts®. If it has been 30,000 miles since you had your brake pads changed, you are due for some new ones. If your brakes are squealing or grinding when you apply them, the pads need to be changed. Why not have this service done now when you only have to pay for the labor and not the brake pads themselves?

If your car has other services do, such as an oil change or tire rotation, we will donate 10 percent of your total bill to Brakes for Breasts®. Imagine the help you can provide to this important cause. There isn’t anyone in the United States who hasn’t been touched by a breast cancer story. Whether you’ve lost someone to this devastating disease or are a survivor, the importance of a breast cancer vaccine cannot be overstated and you can help achieve this goal by having your brake pads replaced in October.

Call Getz Automotive in Fuquay-Varina, NC, today to schedule your appointment for a brake pad replacement. Remember, 10 percent of your bill goes to a very worthy cause.

Perforated brake pads next to brake disc on white background isolated object Stock Photo ID: 413984291 Copyright: Nana_studio